911, We have a diva down, call a Bee Gee STAT!

All right, what can be said about our first diva…MS. DIANA ROSS?…well, lots of things, a pioneer, a trailblazer, an Oscar-nominated actress, a crazy bitch–don’t forget about her little incident at London’s Heathrow Airport a few years ago…and her divalicious appearance on American Idol two seasons ago…who won????…and more importantly, who was the runner-up?…It’s not important…what is important is Ms. Ross is still and will always be a ever-loving DIVA!…the track/video I chose, is “Chain Reaction”…Barry Gibb wrote the song for Ross in the vein of Ross’ early Motown success with the Supremes and the video intertwines what looks like an old episode of “Shindig” (for you young ones, ask your parents about it) with Ross beating on a light up floor a la her protege’ Michael Jackson in “Billie Jean” and there are some boy dancers and Ross in a massive white fur coat…yeah, she’s earned it!

Oh, this won’t the be the last time I write about MS. ROSS, oh no!


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