Adam Lambert makes the Final Four…barely?

Preface: no fancy bells and whistles for today…I actually have napped the entire day away and just now got out to get some essential toiletries…gotta love that time of the month, but I digress…

I hate American Idol when they make one of out the five choose “which is the bottom 3?”….case in point with Adam on last night’s show…Kris and Matt on one side of the stage, Allison and Danny on the other…well, Adam isn’t dumb, he chose what he thought was the safe group with Allison and Danny…HE WAS WRONG!…the gasps could heard as far as West Hollywood as Adam joined Matt and Kris in the bottom 3…a friend of mine told me yesterday he thought Danny would get the boot; which every season (why they instituted this useless save) one of the front runner, this season Danny or Adam, would go early a la Tamyra Gray, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Melinda Doolittle, etc….and honestly, I still think Danny is in a little bit of trouble, now that the votes have leaned Kris’ and Allison’s way…God bless Matt Giraud, he got the save but he really didn’t have a shot to win…he turned out to be a big disappointment…

At this point, it’s Adam’s title to lose….or Allison’s or Kris’ to gain….which leaves us the Gokey; he may have switched some arrangements around, but his voice is wearing on me and I would guess the rest of America…I want to be Adam, just like I want to be Johnny Weir…

Is that wrong?


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