To Bi or Not to Bi

I read yesterday Pink did an interview with a British newspaper in which she declares herself bisexual…however, via twitter, Pink still denies everything…she told Perez Hilton via twitter “100% FABRICATION”….I’ve always loved Pink and yes she is a DIVA…but whether or not she comes out…I won’t care…she’s lovely, hot, butch, talented, everything I look for in a woman…

After a week where we saw actress Kelly McGillis come out, and then I read about Pink, I kept thinking “who’s next?”…I think we all know why Pink was put on the hot seat all of sudden….this video (which I had to link, because it can’t be embedded anymore

It begs the question….would you do yourself?….and my answer?….yes…why not? Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “To Bi or Not to Bi

  1. Hey now…I “do” myself all the time. It is a healthy activity that keeps personal moral up. Mew?Ok, I may have sex issues but I have this great toy coming in the mail soon. I will no longer be fucking myself. I will be fucking my bank account and my past due bills.

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