We Don’t Need Another Tina…

You know why?…just because…my Dad said he saw Ike and Tina in concert when he was in college and I’ve seen the pictures in the yearbook to prove it…there they were, on the floor of the Diddle Arena, shaking it out to “Proud Mary”…I had no knowledge of Tina Turner until she launched her big comeback in 1984…I saw her as cool and confident without knowing her past and without knowing about Ike…yikes!…she was a superstar again and she deserved it…and she deserves the DIVA label to this day…she still tours, she still looks amazing…she turns 70 in November…oh hells yeah!…

I’ve always loved “We Don’t Need Another Hero” and yes I love MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME…it’s too bad it’s the probably the last Mad Max movie we’ll ever see since Mel Gibson has gone totally bananas as of late…Enjoy!


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