Boys Keep Swingin’

final 3

So here, we are…the final 3 on American Idol…all boys!…which I’m not sad about; this was the weakest year ever for girls in the competition…Alexis Grace didn’t bring it, Megan Joy was a looney train wreck, Lil Rounds was never herself, I have no memory of what Jasmine Murray sang, and Allison?…was just too young and too copycat…and I’m sorry, but a mud face…it was revealed recently Allison had competed in a televised Latin singing contest and didn’t win it…bless her heart…

I’m so excited for Adam Lambert, and the other two…LOL…I was surprised to see Kris Allen get another pass, since he sucked this week…never underestimate that pretty boy face/John Mayer vibe…and Gokey?…UGH!…if he were to win, he would be another Taylor Hicks, too old, and how the hell would you market him???…I’m not knocking Hicks, he’s on Broadway in Grease right now, which by the way, season 3 contestant Constantine Maroulis got a Tony nomination this week…so the musical theater track can pay off…but who are we kidding here?…we/I want a pop star and that pop star is Adam Lambert!…I know things are getting more scary as we approach the finale, but so far, Adam has survived and he has taken great risks…as any good gay boy would…and if he doesn’t win, it won’t matter, he will out sell whomever wins…mark my words!



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