Gay Blade: The Next Generation

Merlin from The Fashion Show

Since all this Project Runway legal wrangling has flushed itself out…it will return to Lifetime NOT Bravo in July…the creative folks at Bravo couldn’t let go of its cash cow so quickly…what to do but produce a new show which is almost, but not quite exactly like it…THE FASHION SHOW…the concept is basically the same…I think it started with 15(?) designers in last night’s debut…one gets eliminated every week, the winner will get $125,000 and will have their line mass produced…no fancy car for the winner and each week, there is a what looks like a full-on fashion show with designers, fashionistas, and the like in the audience…think a mini-fashion week…by far the looniest is Meriln (pictured above)…he’s from Honduras and he’s a whack job!…not that he’s the wackiest person that’s ever appeared on this type of show, but I’m hooked on his strange fashion sense and logic, at least until Project Runway returns…he and two other designers picked teams of five (15, I was right!) to design 5 looks around one must have item….Merlin has already pissed one of the contestants off, I can’t remember her name right now, but she’s the “fresh out of fashion school” contestant…he overruled her color choice for their must have item, a bolero jacket…she intitally said navy and he struck her down with all this “I’m the leader! I’m the leader!” talk…

The other contestants are pretty much boring…with the excepton of Reco, who designs stripper outfits for a living and it showed in their first mini-challenge, each designer had to reinvent the little black dress and they could only use a black tee shirt as material…this show is going to be interesting….I want to like it and maybe I will…Issac Mizrahi is the host and well a judge, Kelly Rowland (Destiny’s Child) is a judge and Fern Mallis, who has judged at least one of the Project Runway finales in the past rounds out the main panel…there will be a guest judge every week, sound familiar?

I dub thee Merlin a DIVA!…you gotta see this show!…Thursday nights 10E/9C on Bravo!


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