It’s up to you America!

Adam American Flag


Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, and Kris Allen will again vie for your votes to make it into next week’s AMERICAN IDOL season 8 finale…and with this round, each contestant visits his hometown for a big pat on the back and many many rounds of applause…tonight, each contestant will sing 2 songs…one they choose, and, with every season, a song the judges choose…because after all, several contestants make the wrong song choices all season long…too bad Megan Joy!…it makes one wonder since the winner or other contestants who go on to record his/her first record will be perhaps, manipulated by producers and/or songwriters into recording what THEY think will be the right choice or the right first single…however, the contestants on IDOL are lucky to have that freedom to choose throughout the season…

Adam Lambert’s song choices have been excellent throughout, even though he may have pissed off Nashville with his Jeff Buckley-inspired rendition of “Ring of Fire” or when his version last week of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” made all classic rockers raise an eyebrow…hell, Slash loved it!…you can’t argue with that!…once again, the question of whether or not America is ready for its first openly gay American Idol remains to be seen…no, Adam hasn’t officially come out to any of the press, but come on!…He has made the staleness of the show fresh again by being himself, a true pop star…

I say every year, I’m not going to watch it anymore, because of the predictable audition shows, the Paula drug-induced rants, the Simon-Paula love/hate relationship, Randy’s repetitive “yos”…I’m not giving Kara any slack; she has made sense but at times has been as off the mark as Paula with some of her comments…a la “Studio 57”????…I still beg the question…”how long can this show go on?”…well, if Adam wins, it will go on and on and on….


2 thoughts on “It’s up to you America!

  1. I agree with Charmed…I know Adam is talented and can sing well when he wants to, but it’s as if he just wants to wail like a badger caught in a bear trap… and it makes my skin crawl…the thing that really pisses me off is that the judges actually have the nerve to tell viewers “Call in and vote for Adam”…that’s just blatant favoritism… I know the judges’ job is to sway your opinion, but to come out and blatantly say it is just horse shit..

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