The Original Counter Tenor…

I wasn’t aware of Klaus Nomi until a few years ago until I rented the superb documentary, THE NOMI SONG…I could not believe my ears or my eyes!…yes, there are male falsettos–Barry Gibb, Jordan Knight, and Adam Lambert, but none are true counter tenors…in other words, men who can sing at the top of the their range at opera quality…Nomi only lived 39 years, as he was one of the first famous people to succumb to AIDS in 1983…he never became a huge star, but he was an underground sensation and he simply loved to perform…as this video will show…

I’m glad Nomi’s legacy, whether Pritchard knows about it or not, is still going strong…and Simon Cowell could not believe it…DIVA!


2 thoughts on “The Original Counter Tenor…

  1. OH MY GOD! Bloody brilliant! Turandot popped my opera cherry years ago and still remains my favourite. The absolute brilliance and beauty of it brought me to tears repeatedly. Thank you for introducing me to Nomi and Pritchard. I watched both videos several times and I am in tears of joy. GOD. I miss the opera. Thank you, love. ♥

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