American Idol recap…busy Friday!

**No bells and whistles today…I am busy busy and I will be helping set up our team’s campsite for RELAY FOR LIFE later tonight…I’m extremely tired, since I spent the day in Nashville yesterday, helping with another charity event and seeing old friends…good times!**

All right, well Danny Gokey couldn’t win over America one more time to make it to next week’s two-night finale…and I’m SO FREAKING HAPPY!…okay, yes, it might have made for a better finale with Gokey versus Lambert, but realistically, Gokey would have been the worst winner ever!…paging Taylor Hicks!…oh don’t worry, Gokey will get a record deal, but ugh, the marketing and the miserable sales to come…

And who would’ve thunk Kris Allen would make it to the finale???…I didn’t, considering he was forgettable in making it to the top 13…then, he flew under the radar until this past Tuesday night, when he delivered a better version of Kanye West’s “Heartless”…wow!…he had the chance and he did it!…he took down one of the stronger competitors this year and he did being himself, acoustic guitar, no band…perfect…but can he stop the Adam Lambert machine???…my thoughts, no…Adam Lambert has come to be one of the best contestants in the show’s 8 season history…I won’t go over the bullet points again, because we all know why he should and he WILL be the winner…


(one note: I didn’t get home in time to watch the entire second episode of THE FASHION SHOW, so no recap…will do next week!)


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