The Anti-Diva…


Where should I begin?…all I know is, throughout this difficult time for the stars of JON AND KATE PLUS 8, no one has really focused on the kids…yes, they should be left out of the spotlight, but they should have the right to know what’s going on…

Kate Gosselin has been a problem from the start…OCD, bad hair, the alpha male in the relationship…I heard this weekend, the crew would film hours of footage for the show, but could only use up to 10-15 minutes…they would feel bad on occasion because Jon and Kate would yell at each other in front of the kids, again, non usable footage…the Gosselins had to know their show and their unique family wouldn’t go unnoticed…there were books, appearances on Oprah, a $1.3 million house, many paid trips, it was all too good to resist for the Pennsylvania family…

I’m not sure which season is set to premiere next Monday on TLC…I keep wondering if the network will pull the plug in light of recent events, which now includes Kate’s own brother and sister-in-law (as seen on the show) selling Kate out to the tabloids and sitting down for a web-only interview…if this relationship does fail, both are to blame, although I will lean more in blaming Kate…she has been shown as controlling, manipulative, obsessive compulsive, and just plain nuts…and again, that was all out of hours of footage…


2 thoughts on “The Anti-Diva…

  1. I have never watched the show. Heck, I didn’t even know who these two were when there pictures were all over the news. I do feel bad for those poor kids. They didn’t ask to be exposed to the world on some wacky reality TV show. And now they will have to deal with the split of their parents in the public eye. I am a divorced mom with two girls and two and a half years later, they are still dealing with the issues of the divorce (and we are not on TV).The kids really do need to be put front and center right now, if the parents want any sort of normalcy to come out of this situation.

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