Adam…Don’t Fail Me Now!

I just can’t stop pleading my case for the newest American Idol…it’s all on the line tonight…the last time you’ll be able to vote!!!…I wish I could start voting now!…and I have a massive gay man crush on Adam, as evidence by the picture above…I would just say don’t relax too much…it’s already being speculated the “heartland” won’t be voting for Adam and it doesn’t help Kris Allen is from Arkansas…Like I’ve said, it won’t matter if Adam wins or loses, he’ll be a huge star!…in some cases, the winner is the cursed one; he or she either takes off or stalls just after the first single is released…(sorry, I’m being distracted by CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC, you know the movie/story of how the Village People were formed, yikes!)

I leave you with the moment I became an Adam Lambert fan….I couldn’t find an actual clip, just a picture with the audio…

4 thoughts on “Adam…Don’t Fail Me Now!

  1. I’m fine, but I’m getting hammered for saying Adam being gay is why he lost…it’s NOT the only reason…I know he finally got on everyone’s nerves and people were pissed when Danny Gokey didn’t make the finale, so all the Gokey votes went to Kris…AAAAAAAAAAA!…I’m feeling much better…

  2. No, I don’t think he lost because he was gay. I think he lost because the judges sucked his balls every Tuesday night. That gets old after a while and the audience got tired of it. And it went to his head and you could tell by his numerous wardrobe changes and his theatrics. Whether you are first or second…if you are good you will get a record deal.

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