I was so excited to set my eyes on GLEE last night after American Idol, which by the way, Adam’s got it friends!…GLEE rocked!…I think when my parents were in high school, they had a “swing choir”…I watched it with Mom last night…we loved it!…I was drawn in from the promos of “Don’t Stop Believin'”…GLEE’s creator is Ryan Murphy, who has given us the bizarre NIP/TUCK…the show is original, although the story with the jock joining glee club reminds me of Oz/Chris Klein joining choir in AMERICAN PIE…in fact the vibe of GLEE reminded me of another movie Chris Klein was in–ELECTION…

Okay, why did I title this “Punked!”?….We won’t get to see anymore new episodes of GLEE until this fall…WTF?!?!…NOT FAIR!…fortunately, the debut episode will be available all summer on fox.com…

**I have to work until 7 tonight, so I’m DVRing Idol…I’ll get to see most of it***


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