How to Eat Crow…

I’m okay folks…I had everything planned out for today’s blog, before the results last night…I was going to paste the picture of Katy Perry’s cape from last week which had in big red letters, “Adam Lambert”…after Kris Allen’s victory, I don’t feel like pasting a picture…On the brightside, Adam will have a huge career whereas Kris will be lucky to get a good one or two years…here’s my question after a record 100 million votes were cast: what exactly is the country’s definition of an American Idol?

By choosing Allen, you would believe America prefers a Jason Mraz (on the finale last night)/John Mayer/Dave Matthews Band frat boy…and now I realize, Danny Gokey would have probably won last night against Lambert too…who knows why we vote the way we do…I wanted Adam because he’s “family” and he’s what I call the ultimate pop star…I’m not going to accuse America of being homophobic, but a little of that played into Kris Allen’s victory…why do they think “the guy next door” would be better than the guy with eyeliner?…I think overconfidence had a part in Adam’s loss…however, he knows he’s in the better position and he won’t have to release “No Boundaries” as his first single…UGH! what a turd of a song!…

I hope Adam Lambert, after the Idols Live! tour and all of his 19 Entertainment committments, he takes his time in making his first album…the top 10 never rest until the production company says so, that includes Kris…I don’t want to be wrong anymore, so that’s why I’m proudly eating crow today…what does it taste like?…I would imagine the new grilled chicken from KFC…

(NOTE: I’ve already given up watching THE FASHION SHOW, however, I’ll be watching something entirely new tonight…SOUTHERN BELLES: LOUISVILLE…I will recap tomorrow!)

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