Are You Kidding Me?????

Southern Belles: Louisville

Okay…I was a little excited to see this show…SOUTHERN BELLES: LOUISVILLE…my sister demanded we watch it…her husband is from Louisville; he wanted to watch it too, to see if he knew any of the girls or the places on the show…I took notes–NERD ALERT–but really, I have nothing…this show is bit of a disappointment, to say the least…I’m used to all the REAL HOUSEWIVES shows on Bravo and I guess I’ve been spoiled…by the way, the New Jersey is pretty good so far; I cannot wait until Atlanta returns!…so the concept of Belles is supposed to be in the vein of Housewives, uh, not so much…Let me introduce the ladies (from left in picture)

JULIE: described as a “washed up model” and she’s only 34…and really, all we saw of her story was a casting agent suggested she would get work in the “soccer mom” market…eh…

SHEA: the “daddy’s little rich girl”…Dad is a doctor, Shea is a trust fund baby and I predict, will be the ruthless bitch of the group…we are introduced to her “yankee” boyfriend, Jeff, an attorney…Shea wants a “ring on her finger”, only thing is, Jeff would have to spend a six-figure, small fortune to please his g/f…I have a feeling, this won’t last….

EMILY: the “prodigal daughter” who turned her back on a four generation family business to pursue a career in broadcasting, specifically, TV news making only $30,000 a year (I would give both my kidneys for that!)…she’s a fan of extensions…girl, please!…and her parents are very bible belt, which in the next episode, Emily is offered a job in Las Vegas…oh boy!

KELLIE: the narrator started her story off, “she used to clean the stables at Churchill Downs…” lucky!…and all we learn is she has been married twice, the second marriage was to money, and Kellie is forced to live modestly and move into a small house…and she was not satisfied with her latest divorce settlement, sound familiar Housewives’ fans?…Kellie is seeking her independence…

and finally, HADLEY: a Ph D candidate, PA for a film producer in Louisville, she’s putting her degree on hold, she likes to shop the sales racks at stores…”I buy 5 dollar tee shirts..” what’s wrong with that????…she is dating Sterling, a good old southern boy…he rents out an entire ice skating rink for the day for Hadley, however, Hadley has always had a thing for her best friend, Russ; she describes him as “the ladies’ man of Louisville”…LMAO!…and Russ?…yikes!…he is wanting Hadley to cut Sterling loose so they can finally be together…the drama!

All that really happened in the debut episode was the girls organized a fundraiser at the Derby Museum for the Susan G. Komen foundation…Shea was underwhelmed with both the final total they raised and Jeff’s bad dancing…Kellie got hammered…and Sterling cancels at the last minute on Hadley for a family thing, which Russ jumps all over…that’s it!

I will give this show a chance, but if it lacks the good stuff…I don’t know…have a wonderful, 3-day, Memorial Day Weekend folks!


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