I am "Obsessed"…

When I saw the preview for A and E’s new show “Obsessed”, it freaked me out a little bit…the woman in the preview’s obsession is pulling her hair out!…so I get to thinking, this is gonna be a good show…I’m already a fan of “Intervention”, so I was definitely glued to the TV for the premiere of “Obsessed” last night…

Each episode focuses on two people, each with his/her own extreme OCD…case in point last night, Scott…Scott is a germaphobe who does not have any trash cans in his house–he carries every piece of trash directly to a trash can outside–he has no carpets, and he santizies his house and himself several times a day…he also chooses to sleep on his couch instead of his bed, because it would take him too long to make his bed perfectly…that sounds like me when I was living in Owensboro…and I too, am a bit of a germaphobe…I carry around at least one container of Bath and Body Works’ anti-bacterial lotion at all times…no, there are not gallons of Germ-X or Purell around my house, but I like to keep my hands clean…Scott’s OCD has affected his relationships…he’s gay and the reason he won’t let his boyfriend move in, is because of the possibilty of chaotic “contamination”…which is Howard Hughes’ talk…his therapist tests him, by telling him she has to use his bathroom and she has her period, so she’ll need a trash can…Scott freaks out! he starts to sweat…she washes her hands but then makes Scott press her used towel against his face…he slowly becomes unglued….

Scott eventually comes around and he allows his boyfriend to move in AND…he throws a party, where there will be food left out, cups left out…he doesn’t worry about any of it and tries to enjoy himself…you have to ask yourself: what is the line between OCD and just keeping neat/clean?…

The other case is Helen…she is MUCH worse off…her main OCD focuses on checking her alarm clock several times a night to the point where she doesn’t get any sleep…she’s a single mother with 3 children…she’s obsessed with her father’s death and this, is the freaky part…she kept a box of personal belongings, clothes from when he died…yes, a bloody shirt…and she PUTS THE CLOTHES ON to try and figure out or relive his accident…WHOA!…her main fear is driving on the freeway; she constantly checks her children to see if their seatbelts are fastened; her father was hit by a bus on the freeway (?)…so naturally, her therapist takes her for a drive on the freeway, she’s the passenger…she stalls a lot before they even get in the car…Helen also succeeds to a degree and she drives on the freeway with no big stress…she also burns her father’s clothes…

Oh, I am sooooooooooo watching this…”Obsessed” is on Monday nights at 10E/9C…

**I also ended up watching the season premiere of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″…big mistake!…Kate is angry and she mentioned parents of multiples have “triple the divorce rate”…and Jon?…he was so down when he was being interviewed…you get the sense they aren’t going to make it…no more for me!**


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