Dear Ricki Lake…

Why? Why CHARM SCHOOL?…I ask because I’m wondering how valid you are in 2009…you’ve had an up and down career…remember this?

Ricki as Tracy

You looked so happy, landing your first major acting role, Tracy Turnblad in John Waters’ HAIRSPRAY…you were fearless and girl, you were big…not only big, but proud!…this is how I’ll always remember you…okay, I did see MRS. WINTERBOURNE too…not great, but a cute movie…I guess it was not long after that, you decided to pursue a career as a talk show host…with microphone in hand, THE RICKI LAKE SHOW was on the air 1993-2005…it was okay and you were mocked to no end…fat seems to be easy to make fun of…

You lost the weight which is awesome, you had some kids, awesome, and you laid low for a while, which is really awesome…you made an brief cameo in the movie musical version of HAIRSPRAY…Nikki Blonsky has NOTHING on you!…and if you’ve kept up with her in the news, she’s dangerous!…

I do want to say, I did like your turn in the movie, PARK…you and your best friend, played by Cheri Oteri, took revenge on your cheating husband, played by one of the Baldwins, I don’t remember which one…and your character realized her true sexuality, kissed her best friend, and went to a gay bar at the end…loved it!

Here were now, and your CHARM SCHOOL is out of control…I guess it’s good to have a different dean each season…but Ricki, you gotta watch out for yourself!…I don’t think in a billion years I would use the bathroom after some of your girls…YIKES!

Good luck!


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