I’m a Breeder, Get Me Out of Here!

I’m so glad I have never watched one nanosecond of THE HILLS or LAGUNA BEACH or whatever else MTV is calling a reality show these days…I’ve only seen clips of Spencer and Heidi on THE SOUP and I’ve certainly read a lot about them online…so here’s my 2 cents…

These are two of the most naive, mentally challenged, overrated “celebrities” I’ve ever laid my eyes on…and did I mention fake???…Speidi, as they are affectionately and stupidly called, finally bailed on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” last night, after spending two nights in the jungle, and not leaving after two other declarations…their reason?…they are bigger celebrities than anyone else on the show…which in reality, is probably true…in case you haven’t watched yet here’s who we have:

Frangela–the awesome comedy duo and frequent VH1 “Best Week Ever” commentators, Angela had a run in with Spencer after he and Heidi left the first time, and she and the others messed with Heidi’s hair product…love them and I hope they stay for the duration….Lou Diamond Phillips–yeah, the LABAMBA dude…Stephen Baldwin–the ugly Baldwin brother who has gotten recent media attention for becoming a born again Christian; he baptized Spencer on last night’s episode, geesh!…Torrie Wilson–WWE wrestler and hottie, don’t know anything else about her except my brother-in-law proudly proclaimed she had been in Playboy…John Salley–former NBA star who had the nickname “Spider”…Patti Blagjoevich (sp)–yes, her more notorious husband was supposed to be on the show, but she forged on in his place…Sanjaya Malakar–season 6 darling on AMERICAN IDOL, virtually untalented in every way, but has showed great promise in the jungle…and last but not least…Janice Dickinson–the world’s first supermodel and she’s a veteran of “I’m a Celebrity…” having been on the UK version…I think that’s everybody…

All I know is, I was so sick of Spencer saying “my wife” every 5 minutes and Heidi saying “praise Jesus”…kill me now!

There’s already talk of who will replace the fallen duo: Daniel Baldwin, the druggie Baldwin, or some of Speidi’s castmates from THE HILLS…yeesh!

**UPDATE** Spencer and Heidi WILL REMAIN a part of “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”…US Weekly reports…yeah, they’re too famous…LOSERS!


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