Single Ladies (Put a Promise Ring on it)…

Okay, I am a little behind since this viral vid caught fire late yesterday, however, it’s so worthy of my attention, oh yeah, your attention too…

I have very little knowledge of The Jonas Brothers…I know they are the new New Kids on the Block–for my reference only–and they make the little girls and tweens go nuts!…I do know Joe, Nick, and Kevin have pledged to remain virgins until they are married, which how many of us believe that?!?…thus, they wear “promise rings” as a sign of their questionable virginity…SOUTH PARK has a great episode about the Jonas Bros. where Mickey Mouse goes all ballistic on the boys…it’s hilarious!…I say Mickey, because the boys have a new series that recently debuted on THE DISNEY CHANNEL, in the vein of HANNAH MONTANA, blah-blah-blah…

The clip sets itself up…the boys release their new album on June 16th…and this is one in a series of clips helping promote the album…HUH?!?…I admire Joe for his bravery and his half-hearted attempt at the Beyonce’ dance and lyrics…and he got into a cat suit AND high heels!



2 thoughts on “Single Ladies (Put a Promise Ring on it)…

  1. Ohhh…this is going to be great! Only problem is, I can't watch it at work! Have to wait until I get home. Oh, and the Count Chocula CD was a funny. I didn't really buy one. But I did buy cereal off e-bay. I am sure you could prolly find the CD on e-bay.

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