I Love This Man!


Yes, I don’t say that very often…he’s moody, he smokes, he loves opera, he is Rufus Wainwright…my crush on Rufus is much like the one I have on Adam Lambert…I discovered Rufus when I took over as one of the music directors at my college radio station…I’m a sucker for eclectic music anyway, so I was immediately hooked on his sound…he’s so unabashedly gay gay gay, oh I tell ya….I have rented his concert in which he completely reproduces Judy Garland’s show song for song…I hope I get to watch it sometime this weekend…a co-worker has me DVRing the first season of TRUE BLOOD, so I need to watch it too…decisions, decisions…

So as a treat, here is Rufus performing in Glastonbury two years ago…Get Happy, it’s Friday…


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