Bonus: How Would I Look With an Oscar?

Okay, I wouldn’t ever be as hot or awesome as JUNO brainchild and Oscar winner Diablo Cody, but damnit, it’s been one of my lifelong dreams to write a screenplay…and now, I may actually get down to it…why now?…I don’t know, I just feel like I need a challenge in my life and this is one challenge I’ve always been too afraid to tackle…

This week, a good friend of mine was telling me how she sold a treatment to a major network, I won’t mention it just to protect my friend’s privacy…and I thought, “I think I can do it!”…a treatment is a little different from a screenplay…it involves storytelling more than anything else, establishing characters, plots, settings…it’s how writers pitch the bigwigs…I’ve had various ideas over the years, so now, I need to narrow all of them down to one story I think might entice someone…

What kind of movie would I pitch?…not sure…I’m thinking a comedy with an edge or a beautiful, yet funny drama…who knows, I’ll have to get some feedback when I finish my first draft…

Just a bloggin’


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