When Tonys Attack!

I admit, I rarely watch the Tony Awards, even though I love theater and musicals…well, me and my family watched the beginning musical montage, which included Elton John–BILLY ELLIOT won huge!–Dolly Parton with the 9 TO 5 cast, Liza (insert your own joke here) who sounds like she grunts now more than sings…

Well right before Stockard Channing broke into a song from PAL JOEY, Poison performed on behalf of ROCK OF AGES and they lipsynched, even CC’s guitar solo was fake…then this happened…

We didn’t see it on the first run…a friend brought it to my attention later in the night…I think I was distracted by Channing’s face–YIKES!–word from backstage was Bret was “just fine”, but damn, was that a spill!…he apparently missed the instructions to jump on the riser with the rest of the band and he didn’t see the back drop fastly approaching…I’m not sure the rest of Poison would’ve been that disappointed to see Bret almost get killed, but I digress…


Publicist Joann Mignano says Michaels, who performed with his 1980s hair-metal band Poison, fractured his nose and had to get three stitches in his lip. She says he was getting a CAT scan on Monday as a precaution, as he’s had a past neck injury.


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