I’m a Fang Banger!


I know, I’m behind the times because I just finished watching all of the episodes of the first season of TRUE BLOOD…one of my co-workers got a bunch of us hooked on it…thank God my DVR works again!…and thank God for Alan Ball…I don’t have a crush on him, but I have a crush on his career…he was one of those tv series writers who thought he would be trapped in tv hell forever, then he wrote AMERICAN BEAUTY…Wow! I watched it for the first time in a long time the other night, what a brilliant film!…and not long after all his award winning, he gave us SIX FEET UNDER, which is still, to me, what a TV series should be…quirky, realistic, touching…

TRUE BLOOD has all of the same qualities I love about Alan Ball’s work, except for the touching part…I still prefer SIX FEET UNDER…however, this new show is quite an exercise in escaping into fantasy…I gave it a try when it first ran, but for some reason, I recoiled in anger…it was a little too far fetched at the time for me…Vampire rights????…yeah, ask me about equal rights…you have to warm up to the concepts without being cynical…

Season 2 begins June 14…I’m so there.


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