The Real Divas of New Jersey…

New Jersey Housewives

…or is it devils?…Bravo is one of the most brilliant cable networks of our time…and the REAL HOUSEWIVES franchise?…priceless…I never watched the first installment, Orange County, I watched New York a couple of times (it’s better), and of course my favorite is Atlanta, which returns next month….

But who knew, New Jersey would be so explosive in just 6 episodes, that’s right, only 6 episodes were shot and aired…I figure it was a sort of trial run for the show, but I guarantee you, after the finale and the “director’s cut” of the finale, it will be back…all because of “the book”…

Danielle was always the outsider to the tight knit group of Caroline, Dina-Caroline’s sister, Jacqueline-their sister-in-law, and Teresa…I know the producers had to have some sort of motivation for the others, with the exception of Jacqueline, to get them to hate Danielle…I mean why did Dina and Danielle hate each other?…it was never really explained–yeah, the book caused problems, but it was never solid why they had this rivalry…and why did we never see Dina’s husband?…my sister pointed out it was stated in an earlier episode that he travels a lot…what is up with Teresa’s hairline????…her eyes are too far apart and her children are wild and not pretty…I like Caroline, she’s a ball buster…I think Jacqueline is pretty, she’s defintely not from NJ…Mom says Danielle is the the ugliest housewife she’s ever seen on any of the shows…LOL…if you did happen to see the mugshot of Danielle from COP WITHOUT A BADGE, she’s had a MAJOR overhaul on her face…yikes!

All and all, I just wanted to say Teresa was probably three sheets to the wind before she got the restaurant for her dinner party on the finale and that’s why she threw the table and began to speak in tongues???…Dina is a big chicken, she kind of looks like one, Caroline is a bully, and Danielle is NOT afraid to stand up for herself…poor Jacqueline, she did stand up for Danielle and she had to pay for it from her sister-in-laws for a while, but bravo (hee!) to her…

The reunion will air over 2 nights next Tuesday and Thursday…I can’t wait…

**I’m off to the Kentuckiana Pride Festival in Louisville tomorrow, will have a full report next week***


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