Diva vs. Diva

Perez vs. Will.I.Am

I figure I should put in my two cents on the Perez Hilton/Will.I.Am situation…I went to Perez’s site yesterday, like I do everyday, and the first item was “My Statement”…I watched the whole thing…Wow!…who knew Perez would get assaulted, all because he didn’t like the Black Eyed Peas’ new album?…it all took place this weekend in Toronto after the MuchMusic Awards…first Fergie approached Perez during rehearsals, he explained himself, then at two after parties, Perez was confronted again, only this time, by Will.I.Am…well, at some point after Perez exited the second after party (his claim) he was punched in the eye by the BEP’s manager, who was arrested and charged with one count of assault…Perez has been sued multiple times, but NEVER physically harmed…

On the flip side, Will.I.Am is claiming all of the events didn’t happen the way Perez said they did…he claims Perez was assaulted by a random person and not the band’s manager…Perez is also getting flak for calling Will.I.Am “gay” and “faggot”…yes, Perez, gay himself, called Will.I.Am the very names I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be called…and he admitted it in his video statement!!!…if you go to Perez’s site today, there is no further mention of the incident, probably because of the ongoing investigation…(this could change later on today)….

Some people are already saying Perez got what he deserved…well, no one deserves to be physically assaulted, especially sucker punched…and it’s being said, both parties are just looking for lots of media attention, who knows?…it all boils down to watch what you say and there’s two sides to every story…



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