Double or Nothing…

I love movies and I love watching the Oscars every year…yes, it’s the longest live broadcast on TV, but I love every minute of it…I’ll be able to love it more now that I can DVR anything else I happen to watch on Oscar night…

Yesterday, the Academy announced the Best Picture category next year will be comprised of 10 nominees instead of 5…I didn’t know 10 was the norm until 1943…CASABLANCA won for Best Picture the last time 10 nominees were in the category…this news got me to thinking, “what movies have been omitted in the Best Picture category lately?”…one that pops right to mind is THE DARK KNIGHT…somehow, THE READER snuck in and I’m sorry, but it was not a very good movie and Kate Winslet (I got nothing but love for her) should NOT have won Best Actress…it’s just weird how some films get nominated and some don’t…that won’t be the case anymore?

What are some movies you wish had been nominated for Best Picture?…What do you think of 10 nominees instead of 5?


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