Memories of Michael Jackson…

young MJ

I’m still in shock this morning…I know I said originally, I wasn’t shocked, however it’s now all too real…Michael Jackson is gone…so where was I?…when the news initially broke about Jackson being rushed to the hospital, I was napping…I just couldn’t get going yesterday, so I napped…I went online soon after I got up and I noticed a few tweets on facebook that said something like “Michael Jackson has died” or “Michael Jackson suffers cardiac arrest”…I had to check things out, so I went to multiple sources, and all I could find was that Jackson had indeed been rushed to the hospital and he was not breathing…let’s not forget another legend passed Thursday…Farrah Fawcett…she was not expected to make it as long as she did, she was a survivor…and Ed McMahon passed away on Tuesday…Mom said “they come in threes”…and she was right…

I went with Mom and Dad to eat supper around 5pm…my sister had kept texting me asking me the latest…when we returned home, all news outlets had confirmed Michael Jackson had died…Wow!…so the retrospectives began–the old Ed Sullivan footage of the Jackson 5, Michael breaking out with OFF THE WALL, clips of “Thriller”, clips of a big-haired back up singer, Sheryl Crow…and so I started to think about my memories of MJ…

They start with THE WIZ, Jackson’s acting debut as the Scarecrow…so innocent…I was in the dark in my family room, alone, watching the premiere of his long-form video for “Thriller”…I was scared when I saw Jackson’s transformation from man to werewolf…those yellow eyes!…I got a t-shirt with my own Michael Jackson sparkly glove…I had his poster on my closet door…I marveled at Jackson’s first performance of the moonwalk on the Motown 25 special…I anticipated all of Michael Jackson’s long video premieres…and then, his image started to tarnish, with one child molestation accusation, then another after a damning interview, then the circus-like trial…I turned on the artist I once loved…I was very cynical…he never really re-invented his musical style or dance moves, which I admired…he certainly re-invented his face, and I know he didn’t want to look like his father, but it was all wrong…

I pray for his family and his children…he was a true music legend, icon, innovator, and influence on the industy…R.I.P.


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