Okay, you may have heard all about Michael Jackson’s will…it has some interesting points to it…Joe Jackson is NOT named as a beneficiary of anything, which is good, since he was abusive to his children all the while helping drive the Jackson 5 bus…and he fathered another child outside of his marriage in 1974…Debbie Rowe, who gave birth to MJ’s first 2 kids gets nada…and of course the rumor is MJ’s dermatologist fathered the children, although they were conceived in vitro…there’s still a mystery over who the mother and/or father of Jackson’s youngest child, “Blanket” is…if some of this info is outdated, as this story grows daily, I apologize…

Well the biggest shocker so far is in the event Jackson’s mother Katharine, who has been given custody of the 3 children per the will, is not able to take care of them…Jackson names his good friend, DIANA ROSS, next in line to care of kids…yes, I know Ross had a hand in making the Jackson 5 stars and then, helping Michael out…LOVE THE WIZ!…their friendship lasted 40 years…I’ve yet to see Ross publicly address her good friend’s death; there was only a statement put out as I understand she is very upset…however, Ross is 65 years old…and it may just be me, but as of the last five years, she’s struck me as a little a-koo-koo!…she would definitely be a sexy mom, hello?!?…it’s just all very odd…

After all…do you know where you’re going to?


One thought on “Mommy?!?…

  1. I was told that Diana Ross was on an episode of Oprah recently, and at the end of the show she sang "What the world needs now is love", and as she was singing it she was walking through the aisles touching people on the head, like she was the Pope or something… I find that hysterically funny for some reason..

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