Gay Man Crush Alert!!!

I love Zach Galifianakis!…I had some time to kill yesterday between shifts at work, so I decided to go see THE HANGOVER, one of the summer’s better reviewed films…this summer movie season has sucked so far…I know, TRANSFORMERS 2 is making big time cash, but spare me!…oh, and Mom and Dad liked PUBLIC ENEMIES, but its reviews have been less than stellar…all right, back to the point…

Zach G. is very understated in his stand-up routines…yes, he gets brash and loud, but not very often…when he had his short-lived seres on MTV(?), he played a piano and he told little, silly jokes…yes, he’s been in other movies, tv series, and music videos…but THE HANGOVER is Zach’s breakout comedy aria…I think it’s because his character, Alan, is kind of like the actor himself…an idiot savant who is always trying to keep everyone calm despite these unthinkable events…his one liners are priceless, so I won’t spoil the funny…

Let’s talk about the beard for a minute…it’s so him!…I think I’ve only found one picture of him without it; the rest are 5 o’clock shadow or the rare moustache…he said in an interview recently if he did shave he would look like “a fat Jodie Foster”…ahhh, yes!

Brava! Have a Great 4th of July weekend everyone!…and see THE HANGOVER!


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