Wash it!

How long have I been writing this blog?…almost 3 months and no posts about Margaret Cho?!?…crazy…I appreciate Margaret Cho so much, she’s queer, she’s an advocate for gay rights, she’s funny as hell, and she just flat out rocks!…I’ve been a fan since a little while before her ABC sitcom “All-American Girl” aired, then I didn’t see her for a few years; she went through a lot of shit…she puts it all out there in her concert films…I love them all, but I think my favorite is NOTORIOUS C.H.O. where she talks about “putting on your eating dress” and she talks about her experience in an S&M group…

Last night, I caught most of her new film, BEAUTIFUL…it’s classic Cho, no holds barred of course, on race, sex, dick, pussy, her mother….all the standards…I haven’t seen the beginning of it, luckily it is DVR-ed…this is probably my favorite after C.H.O. Well, I love I’M THE ONE THAT I WANT too…it’s hard not to like any of them…I would love to see her live…it just so happens she will be at Zanies in Nashville in September…I want to go!!! Maybe it will happen…

“Someone left a cake out in the rain!”


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