Final thoughts…


I guess I can’t really say “final” since the toxicology report is not back yet, and we don’t know what will happen to the kids…however, for me, this is it, no pun intended…I haven’t seen the entire memorial; I’m not sure I want to see it…I’ve seen many clips and highlights…and it will rerun many, many times over the next few days…I did see the end of the memorial when I got home from work yesterday…Kenny Ortega, who was choregraphing/producing MJ’s final tour, spoke and then the back up singers for the tour sang “We Are The World”, they were quickly joined on stage by all the performers and the Jackson family…”Heal The World” was the final number; it’s basically a sequel to “We Are The World”…it was perfect…

Tears don’t come easily for me, and they didn’t yesterday as I watched Marlon Jackson, who rarely speaks, to tell Michael to comfort Marlon’s twin, Brandon in heaven (Brandon was stillborn) or when Jackson’s daughter Paris spoke and said goodbye to her “daddy”…heartbreaking…I will miss Michael Jackson…I keep telling myself to move on, but a part of me will always be that 8-year-old playing THRILLER over and over, or trying to moonwalk (there’s home movie evidence of that!)…I just feel very different…as we all do…

Rest in peace and thank you Michael!


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