Lesbian Crush (I’m allowed those)…


I just realized I posted another picture of an actor with a hand on his/her hip…Zach Galifianakis in Friday’s post…oh my, when I see Frances McDormand do this?…I drool uncontrollably…she’s sexy for a 52 year old actress…and no, in reality, she’s not the most attractive in the face (I just said face), but don’t let that fool you…I admire her ability to overcome the “pretty face” (there it is again) complex that’s expected of all actresses in Hollywood…she overcomes this by taking so many diverse character roles…she has a Best Actress Oscar for FARGO…she inhabits Marge Gunderson with wit, simplicity, and that accent!…yes!

Her nearly 25 year marriage and collaboration with Joel Coen is amazing…I won’t forget to mention Ethan Coen…as I’m typing this, “A Man of Constant Sorrow” is playing, although she’s NOT in O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?…the picture you see in today’s post is from a scene in a film that’s not that great, but McDormand is fantastic, LAUREL CANYON…she plays Jane, a record producer who refuses to part with her party days from the 70s and 80s…and she’s bi…check!…Jane’s sexy, confident, flawed…I love every minute I see her on screen…I bought this movie as soon as I could…so I have many hours of ogling and seeing one of the best actresses of our time at work…

Gaaaa Gaaaa!

2 thoughts on “Lesbian Crush (I’m allowed those)…

  1. Damnit!…yeah, I zoned out on the Kiss tee…I don't know if you've seen the movie, but in that scene, she flashes the band in the recording booth!…not much there, but I love her!…hey, thanks for now following me!

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