Bonus: My Bruno Review…

Sacha Baron Cohen does it again!…BRUNO is foul, offensive, no holds barred, and I loved it!…The Bruno on film looks a little different from the Bruno you saw on ALI G….he has model hair instead of a mohawk, I like the change…after all, Cohen modeled for a while following his university education; and hell, he may be 37, but he could still model if he wanted to…quick sidenote, we share the same birthday, October 13…

All right, obviously I can’t giveaway what happens in BRUNO, even though you see a good majority of the funny parts in the promos and trailers…the nudity has been been covered up by the dreaded black dot, with a few exceptions…LOL!…I think the whole “reinforcement of gay stereotypes” debate is going a little too far, it’s a movie for pete’s sake!!!…and I don’t think you would’ve seen a movie like this or BORAT in theaters 10 years ago…oh, how far we’ve come…speaking of BORAT, I think I like BRUNO better…and I really didn’t watch ALI G….I’m not sure you will see as many lawsuits filed with this film, but who knows?…Bruno doesn’t seem as confrontational as Borat…see lawsuit comment…

See it!…and I apologize for not having my keyboard converted to German so I can add the little dots above the u…


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