In Search of Julie Cypher…

the past

**quick story before I blog…as I was coming up the main road before I turn into another road, then into my subdivsion…there was an RV on fire on the main road just off the parkway!…black smoke was just starting to pour out of the cab, and before a fire truck made it to the scene, the cab was engulfed in flames and the flames set the grassy bank beside the vehicle on fire…don’t know if anyone was hurt, our elementary school is just 50 feet or so from the top of the bank, but the school was alerted to get the kids to safety (no school, just a day school program)…so a little excitement, all right on with it**

A random thought popped into my head over the weekend?…What happened to Melissa Etheridge’s former partner and mother to two of her kids Julie Cypher?…I don’t know why I thought of her; I didn’t hear an Etheridge song, I think…Then I recalled the famous ROLLING STONE cover story revealing David Crosby to be the sperm donor…(it was the only picture I could find at the time of the couple together)…and I was like, “where is she?”…basically what happened was Cypher began to question her sexuality in 2000; the couple tried to hold on for the kids, but eventually split…it’s all explained in Etheridge’s 2001 autobiography, THE TRUTH IS…MY LIFE IN LOVE AND MUSIC…yes, I’ve read it and I own it…It all seemed to be the storybook, and then with Crosby donating his sperm, they completed their family with daugher Bailey, now 12, and son Beckett, now 10…also in the book, Etheridge hinted that Cypher had an affair with their friend, k.d. lang…SHOCK AND AWE!…

Well, we all know where Etheridge went from there…she started dating actress Tammy Lynn Michaels and the two were married in 2003…about a year after that, Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since made a full recovery, don’t quote me on that…in 2006, Michaels gave birth to twins, a boy, Miller and a girl, Johnnie…and with the passage of Prop 8 last November, Etheridge announced she would not be paying her California state taxes as a sign of civil disobedience…

So what about Julie?…all the information that follows her 2000 sexual confusion and break-up with Etheridge is that she married a man, Matthew Hale, in 2004…oh she and Etheridge still share custody of Bailey and Beckett, but you never really hear about her anymore or what’s she doing with her life…



5 thoughts on “In Search of Julie Cypher…

  1. It is unfortunate when sometimes when you are young as Julie and Melissa were when they met and Julie was married to Lou Diamond Phillips that sometimes a famous person attracted to a straight woman is flattering and enticing and that is what happened to Julie. It was about experimenting and the attention but that wears off in time and then you got what you are stuck with REALITY and that for Julie was she had a lesbian relationship for wrong reasons and really never found the peace or contentment that she most likely craved when the experience wore off for her. Homosexuality is not a game and you know usually when you are young. If a woman is thinking of an experience you need to be careful because it will get you and can possibly confuse and trouble your life especially if you are in a full blown lesbian relationship that has gone to far and you are not happy or satisfied with the real lesbian you are with and then you think maybe if we have a family and children come in to the picture as happened to Julie and Melissa and that does not bring the non lesbian woman the happiness that she desires because she realizes she made a mistake and there are consequences and Julie did the right thing in saying in counseling with Melissa "I'm not gay" and that blew Melissa away. In reality it is not that difficult to understand and Melissa finds it in her heart to forgive Julie. Julie is now married and totally straight which is what she always was in the first place. Sometimes people as Julie become enticed and if you are by and large desiring a man for most of your life do not confuse your emotions with the sex act. It is playing with fire for a straight woman to have a romance with a true lesbian. I say woman if you have ever thought about just a fling with a gay person don't do it because as I said Homosexuality is not a game to tamper with and can leave the true straight person confused and troubled until they get release in their souls by getting out of the relationship as Julie Cyper did and another actress did Ann Heche.

  2. I think she wants to be a private citizen. As a gay person myself I often wonder what did happen to Julie. I just hope she knows that not every gay person hates her because she has a fluid sexuality.

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