A Roxette Wedesday…

Say what you will about Norwegian pop stars; damnit!…they leave their mark on pop culture…and Roxette? one of my very favorites…Swedish darlings, Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, formed Roxette 30 YEARS AGO…I had no idea…it wasn’t until 1989 when the duo landed in America with their first #1 hit “The Look”…now you hear it all the time in commercials and as the theme song for TV Land’s “She’s Got The Look”…I pray they get the royalties…as the 90’s dawned, many more hits came including “It Must Have Been Love”, which was included on the the soundtrack for PRETTY WOMAN…

Round about 1992, Roxette faded like a flower from the US charts and have not since returned…the duo made headlines ten years later when it was revealed Fredrikkson had been diagnosed with a brain tumor; fortunately, it was successfully removed…to this day, Roxette continues to make music in their homeland and around Europe…and just this past May, it was announced they would reunite for NIGHT OF THE PROMS in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany…the concerts combine pop and classical music…fancy!

This particular hit is infectious!…enjoy!

Joyride – Roxette


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