Is this "Wise Latina" a Diva???

Well????…I say yes!…this is the final day of soon to be confirmed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s grilling by the Senate Judiciary Committee…okay, sure, she’s danced around direct questions by Republican senators on abortion, gun control, and international law, but she’s made every answer and every statememt very eloquent…the dance is all in the vein of the Supreme Court NOT setting policy but following the law and the Constitution…she has surprised me as no one really heard her speak publicly until this week; if she did before, I missed it…this really is an historic event…Sotomayor would be only the third woman to serve on the high court and the first Latino to serve period…

No doubt, a national referendum on gay marriage will come up probably sooner than she would like in Sotomayor’s stint on the high court…she was asked just today what the difference is between an advocate and a judge…she has been an advocate, not in rulings, but in helping her Latino community…pledging equality…word!…

Now that my friends IS wise…


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