Tea for Three?

JFK dead Grey Gardens

Well, the Emmy nominations dropped yesterday…and I’m very pleased!…first, congrats to Tina Fey and the team at 30 ROCK for scoring 22 nods!!!…the sitcom is up for Best Comedy Series, obviously…Fey for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Alec Baldwin for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, and Tracy Morgan, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Krakowski all scored supporting nominations…what a brilliantly, funny show…

HBO’s GREY GARDENS scored 17 nominations with leads Jessica Lange-Big Edie and Drew Barrymore–Little Edie receiving Lead Actress nods…I misread the list at first yesterday and I didn’t see Barrymore’s name…Ken Howard as Big Edie’s husband and Jeanne Tripplehorn’s Jackie O. got supporting nominations…and of course, the movie itself is nominated for Best Mini-Series, Made for TV Movie…if Jessica Lange doesn’t win, it will be heartbreaking…GREY GARDENS is out on DVD now, rent it today!…

Guess who else got a nomination?

Kristen Wiig

KRISTEN WIIG!!!!…in the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series category for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE…Wiig will face former SNL castmate Amy Poehler…damn, tough choice, but Wiig is a comic genius…she is the ONLY reason I keep tuning in to SNL every week…just watch…




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