Only 30 Days to Go!….

And PROJECT RUNWAY IS BACK BITCHES!…yes, the network is different–Lifetime, and yes, Fashion Week wrapped up back in February, but none of that matters!…let’s recap why season 6 has been delayed for so long shall we?

In April 2008, PR became tangled in web of three lawsuits between The Weinstein Company, NBC Universal–the parent company of Bravo, and Lifetime, which bought the rights to seasons 6-10…all of this kept the hit series in limbo for almost a year and producers weren’t sure if this new season would even air…YIKES!…after a resolution was reached this April, season 6 will premiere August 20th on Lifetime…one thing you may have noticed in the past few weeks, the marketing campaign for PR is the biggest its ever been…in fact, if you go to here:, click on PROJECT RUNWAY…

You can meet every single designer and every single model, plus look at previews for the new season…that’s pretty sweet!…well, I wanted to show you my early favorite, Ari Fish, a hot girl who might play for my team, unfortuately, her intro video is unavailable-can’t be copied to my blog- and there are no good pictures…WHAA WHAA WHAAAAAAAA!…

Now with season 6, there are some new changes…first off, no more NYC, until Fashion Week, the designers will be in LA…you’ll see more celebrity judges, including the likes of Eva Longoria Parker, Christina Aguilera, Rebecca Romijn, Bob Mackie, and…Lindsay Lohan!!!…the grand prize will be the usual $100,000, a fashion spread in Marie Claire, AND an all-expenses paid trip to PARIS!…Garnier will take over where TRESemme left off…finally, after each show, a 30-minute spin-off looking into the lives of the models on the show…BORING!…but it might be good…naturally, Heidi, Tim, Nina, and Michael will be back…yes!

In a word…fierce!


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