Divas Live 2009 Line-up

It’s time to play that old SESAME STREET sing-along game “One of These Things is Not Like the Other”…VH1 has announced the line-up for its resurrected “Divas Live” show and well, they have dropped the ball on at least one of these…um, Miley Cyrus???…you are joking right?!?

As you can see, the others are really good: Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, and Adele…Miley Cyrus cannot sing! and how did the powers that be at VH1 decide Cyrus was worthy of sharing the stage with such amazing voices???…this is all very baffling…Cyrus is hot for the tween crowd, but for the crowd that appreciates a good diva?…ME HELLO?!?…they have let all of us down…

Now there could be a surprise in store for this installment of divas, with maybe an appearance by someone who has an album coming out close to the airdate of the new “Divas” show:


Okay, I know the picture is small, but Whitney Houston is set to release her comeback cd in early September, “Divas Live” is schedule to air September 17…things that make you go hmmmm?….I wouldn’t put it past VH1 to make that happen and would it not be perfect???…great promotion for Whitney’s new album and the crackhead can sing!…it makes sense…

What do you think of this whole hot mess?


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