Cruel Summer Hits American Idol…

I thought 2012 was when the world was going to end….I guess this summer is no different from others, but geez!…and now, AMERICAN IDOL has seen one of its more memorable auditioners cut down in the prime of her life…breaking news came across the wire yesterday that 25-year-old Alexis Cohen was found dead after a hit-and-run accident in New Jersey…don’t remember Alexis?…then here you go…

I don’t think Cohen ever made it as a guest on one of the finales, which is now sad…instead, we had to see Kara DioGuardi in a bikini!?!, yeah, I’m a lesbian, but nooooooooooooo!…yes, she returned to audition this past season, as a kindler, gentler Alexis, but in the end….she pulled out the double birds on Simon…

R.I.P. Alexis…


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