Mika is Back!

Mika is wonderful!…in 2007, he released his first album, LIFE IN CARTOON MOTION, which spawned “Grace Kelly”, “Love Today”, “Big Girl You Are Beautiful”…and many others…I was instantly hooked…so I’m am eagerly anticipating his follow-up, WE ARE GOLDEN…scheduled for release on Sept. 21, which is a Monday, so that’s the UK release date, so I figure the 22nd will be when it hits the US…Mika has finally released the video for the first single, the title track…and wow!…what a difference two years makes…it’s an homage, somewhat, to BILLY ELLIOT, by evidence of the many pairs of boxing boots you see him wearing…however, there may be some controversy brewing over the main melody of “We Are Golden”…as you watch and listen, see if you don’t see the similarity to the main melody of Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth”…I’m posting that video too…

Who knows?…they are both awesome songs…enjoy!


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