Catch a Falling Diva: J-Lo?!?!

Jennifer Lopez

Yes, it’s true…Jennifer Lopez is not a huge star anymore…here’s how I know…I was at work yesterday and I had the TV on…I glanced at it and I saw J-Lo, she looked flawless as always, but I was puzzled, because it was some sort of commercial…I’m sure J-Lo was a spokesmodel for Cover Girl or some other cosmetic company at one time…this was a public service announcement for…pertussis, yes, Jennifer Lopez was speaking on behalf of those fighting whooping cough…

Oh my…why?…all I know is, if J-Lo doesn’t have a hit movie or hit song soon, her time will have passed…can you even name the last movie she was in?…her last hit record?…I was doing some research and I forgot how many high profile relationships she was in…Puffy, Ben Affleck, that dancer guy…and now she has found happiness and twins with Marc Anthony…

Now if she can just find her career…she’ll be in better shape…


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