Tea for Everyone!

Ah yes, if only having tea were this cool looking…I guess it can be, if you are in a period piece or at some random Victorian festival…do they have those???…last summer, me and a few ladies in my family ventured to a tea room in Owensboro and I must say it was very fun…we got to wear hats, yes, this lady, who NEVER dresses like a lady, I had so much fun…I have pictures from the first trip, but I don’t have them on this particular computer…however, now that I have my trusty camera phone, I will instantly upload the hijinks today…I just hope the weather holds up…NO!…we won’t be outside, we aren’t that cool…

Today’s blog is very early and they will be all week…and I have some exciting news…I have a job interview on Friday…I haven’t had a job interview in over a year; God bless America…


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