Crunk No More…


Paula Abdul is NOT coming back to AMERICAN IDOL and I don’t know whether I should cheer or cry…Paula revealed via Twitter last night her simple statement not to return…it was confirmed just last week, Kara DioGuardi, will be back…gigantic mistake!…word is Paula had asked for up to $20 million this upcoming season; she made $4 million last season…I’m sure the blow was increased with Ryan Seacrest’s new 3-year $45 million contract to continue as host…

Despite her loopy, perhaps drug-induced behavior, Paula will be missed and IDOL’s continuing decline in viewership will increase…the nice judge is gone; she had a few harsh criticisms, but for the most part she was very encouraging to all the contestants…I’ll personally miss her dancing for every single performance, not knowing her back was giving her mega pain…I’ll miss her love/hate relationship with Simon Cowell…I’ll miss her tears for the contestants who don’t quite make it…I definitely think Paula needs to establish a new identity outside of the AMERICAN IDOL monster…and she has via QVC….it’s better than nothing…


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