My Favorite John Hughes Movie…


Okay, I can’t take many more unexpected deaths this summer…which I have declared as a “cruel summer”…yesterday, we lost one of the most prolific writers/filmmakers who spoke to a generation he didn’t really have anything in common with…John Hughes passed away Thursday of a heart attack at age 59…his death, in some ways, is more heartbreaking than Michael Jackson’s to people my age…you know the movies: SIXTEEN CANDLES, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, PRETTY IN PINK…the trifecta of all 80’s teen comedies…no, I haven’t forgotten FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF or HOME ALONE or NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION…

Sure, I can quote all of these movies, but my personal favorite of Hughes’ is PRETTY IN PINK…starring his muse, Molly Ringwald…she plays Andie, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, she doesn’t fit in at school, she has mad fashion skills, and she gets her chance to cross over into prepdom when the popular guy, Blaine, played by Andrew McCarthy, asks her out…of course we all remember Duckie Dale, played brilliantly by Jon Cryer…he would do anything for Andie and he would do anything to be with her…he would fail his classes!…Duckie is also an outcast and he can hardly forgive Andie’s affections for Blaine…James Spader plays the asshole, uppity scumball, Steff…Andie always turns him down, and turns on her because he doesn’t care about her or anyone but himself…

I must admit I didn’t see this movie until after high school…then I became obsessed with it, taping it and it was the first dvd I got when I got my first dvd player…truth be told, I was one of those outcasts…duh?

RIP John Hughes


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