Ric Ocasek? or Weird Al?

Neither, and it’s NOT Judy Tenuta…this picture is just random…it’s part of a wonderful site: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com…(forgive me for not putting a direct link, I’m still trying to figure out posting options after 5 months)…I was channeling my inner-nerd myself yesterday as I watched one of my favorite fantasy films, 1983’s KRULL…a prince goes on a quest to rescue his future princess bride from the clutches of an evil beast…the prince has this cool-looking star AKA weapon…

Krull Star

I came to realize KRULL’s plot was similar to other fantasy films of the 80’s…THE NEVERENDING STORY, THE EWOK ADVENTURE, CLASH OF THE TITANS, LEGEND, TIME BANDITS…okay I threw in those last two…I love these movies!…I beg you to rent them or pull out your old videos, if you still have a VHS or BETA, and watch them again…

Escape to the weekend….


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