Big Week Ahead!


Ah, television is a good friend of mine…whenever I lived on my own, TV was always there; that’s not too creepy is it?…I have a true addiction to TV, as evidence by this week, August 17-21 2009….

Let’s start with tonight…A & E, in lieu of OBSESSED, will premiere HOARDERS, a show strictly about hoarding and I’m not sure I want to see crudded up, cluttered up, gross kitchens and bathrooms every week…I’ll never understand how people can live that way; I don’t think Peter Walsh is involved in this series, but we’ll see…

On Wednesday, two big events….first, the return of TOP CHEF; this time in Las Vegas, which is where the finale of season one took place…there are two “chefbians” I’ve read about for sure…I just want a lesbian to win, just once!…after the TOP CHEF premiere, the finale for TOP CHEF MASTERS will commence…unfortunately, Anita Lo, chefbian, did not survive to see the final 3…it’s hard to call a winner, although I’m betting on either Rick Bayless or Hubert Keller…Michael Chiarello finally wore on my nerves…

And now, the biggest friggin’ event of the year….PROJECT RUNWAY Thursday night on Lifetime!…I’m excited, but I’m a little uneasy about the series moving over to Lifetime, will it still be edgy? will it still be bitchy?…and yes, I WILL be recapping each week’s show on Fridays…it’s been too long since I did this…I used to post a recap right after the show aired last season on MySpace…I think I’ll just post recaps on Fridays, cool right?…

And briefly, there are just 3 episodes of TRUE BLOOD left…how? why?…it’s the best show on TV right now…rent season one ASAP!…

I wish you well!

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