Hatch Job…

Oh Richard Hatch…why?…all right, I’m sure you remember Richard from his victory on the first season of “Survivor”…I looked up how long ago that was…2000…but it seems longer…well, Hatch decided not to pay taxes on his $1 million prize from “Survivor”, so he spent some time-4 years-in prison for tax evasion…in all this time, Hatch was denied permission to give interviews…until yesterday…

He sat down with Matt Lauer of “The Today Show” to basically say he’s broke and that he was made a victim because of his “open homosexuality”…WTF????…okay, you may recall I blogged that I thought Adam Lambert lost AMERICAN IDOL because he’s gay…I’ve since given my statement some more thought…so when I read Richard Hatch openly laid down the “because I’m gay” card, I get a little frustrated…

The moral of the story is…not long after his interview aired yesterday, Hatch was arrested and taken back to jail…intially, the reason his sister gave, according to Hatch himself, was because of the interview…otherwise, there are no grounds for jailing him…Hatch was currently on house arrest, staying with his sister in Rhode Island; he was schedule to be released from house arrest in October…Hatch’s interviews, he also did one with “Access Hollywood”, were approved by the Federal Bureau of Prisons…so really, what the hell is going on???

We’ll see…TOP CHEF tonight followed by the TOP CHEF MASTERS finale…


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