A new season of PROJECT RUNWAY is like Christmas to me and all the other gays!…it consumes our lives, it strengthens us, it brings our our claws…I love this show, although I must admit, I didn’t see all of season one, I know, shock and awe…aside from Christian “Fierce” Siriano, I can’t think of a more awesome winner than the first one, Jay McCarroll…I wish Bravo had went ahead and made PROJECT JAY a series…there is a documentary out there called ELEVEN MINUTES, about Jay’s Spring 2007 collection…

I’m very excited, although I’m not sure how the show will play out on Lifetime, let’s all hope for the best…I will post full recaps on Fridays and I’m debating whether or not I want to live tweet(@eringrant)…sometimes, it’s not good when the west coast won’t see the show until 2 hours after I will…plus, I think I got on some of my Facebook friend’s nerves when I did this during the AMERICAN IDOL finale, since my tweets automatically post to Facebook…

I’ll mull it over…if you are in the Central time zone…the All-Star challenge airs at 7, brand new season at 9 on LIFETIME!


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