The Diva of Woodstock

I feel like I’ve gotten away from my whole “this blog is about divas” thing, but I hope I can bring it back once in a while…

Case in point: Janis Joplin…it doesn’t matter how many times I see Janis on film or I hear her scratchy, truthful voice, I’m still mesmerized…oh you can argue all day about how valid she was…she was very valid!…she set the tone for probably all of today’s female artists, yes even Taylor Swift–ACK!…well, maybe not Taylor Swift…Swift’s songs are about high school and fairy tales…Janis’s songs are about good lovin’ and hitchhiking…still, my point is, a female artist today is given the chance to outperform and outsell her male counterparts…

You can argue Janis died too young, she was a victim of the overindulgence of drugs and alcohol in the 60’s…I think about how I’m almost 34…Joplin was 27 when she died…people just lived harder 40 years ago…duh!…

I just thought I would say something since the 40th anniversary of Woodstock was observed over the weekend and that new movie, TAKING WOODSTOCK, will be in theaters this Friday…

“…you gotta try harder man…”

**let’s hope at least one Joplin biopic will be made…the latest lists Zooey Dechanel as Janis, set for a 2010 release…I still say Melissa Etheridge or Pink would have done a better job, but those projects fell through**


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