Visibility First, Then Complain…

Top Chef has just started and already, I’m severely irritated…no, not by Ashley, I’ll get to her in a moment, but by those annoying Vitagglio brothers…jeeez!…you are competing, but you’re brothers, I get it!…move on!

Okay, back to cheftestant/chefbian Ashley Merriman…the elimination challenge in episode 2 involved catering a bachelor and bachelorette party–which ended up being dumb, because both parties were all together–well, Ashley immediately gets some ill feelings since she’s gay and she can’t legally get married…yep, I know…and boy did the producers run with it…you see her hanging out with the other contestants, including fellow lesbian contestant Preety, and she again, complains…Preety revealed she has been in a 13 year relationship, she understands…again, can we move on????

I like Ashley, although she almost screwed up and got sent home, but there’s a time and a place for politics…Top Chef is about cooking, and yes, you will see other scenarios, after all, it’s a reality show…let’s not make that reality all about the contestants’ sexual preferences…

Hang in there Ashley, Preety, and Ash–he’s awesome–and kick some ass!

One thought on “Visibility First, Then Complain…

  1. yea, i get ashley's point, and it's a good one. however, i do give her a bonus for letting it out and then saying, well i am happy for this couple, let me focus on my job. on another note, um crap food this season or what? and really what is everyone's seeming obsession with scallops- i am not a fan. i am interested in the sibling rivalry! that is going to make for some good tv, ya heard!

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